Our Vision
  • Ensol Biosciences Inc. is a pleasant and exciting workplace where people united in faith, hope and love make an effort not only to fulfill the mission to support the national economy, but also to achieve individual’s dream. We Ensolians, all members of Ensol Biosciences Inc., come to our office every morning with a great passion and expectation. We strive to develop innovative technology and share our knowledge and experiences for the production of high-valued national wealth through the industrial applications of our technology. We will continue to work hard with delight and encourage each other until we realize our company’s vision.

    Ensol BioSciences Inc. was founded with the following visions:
  • The Spirit of ENSOL is
    Excellence : Pursuit of excellence,
    Network : Collaboration with mutually-beneficial partnership,
    Solution : Development of solutions that makes the impossible possible,
    Open-mind : Leading changes with open-mind,
    Labor : Making every effort to achieve great works.