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shiloah1000, S1K

S1K : Type 1 Diabetes Drug


Type 1 diabetes, known as pediatric diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is caused as the body's immune system destroys pancreatic beta cells that secrete insulin. Therefore, type 1 diabetes patients can’t produce insulin by themselves, and require daily insulin administration to maintain life. About 5~10% diabetic patients suffer from type 1 diabetes and its incidence is higher in children, but it can occur in all age groups. In children and adolescents, the incidence shows 3% increase per year worldwide, and the prevalence is on an increasing trend along with the incidence.

Daily administration of insulin causes side effects such as allergic reaction, hypoglycemia, and reaction in injection site. The body can generate insulin by itself after it suppresses autoimmune cells that destroy beta cells and damaged beta cells are regenerated, not requiring insulin injection.

Shiloah1000 (S1K) is an oral dosage form that can treat patients with type 1 diabetes who currently have no alternative but to administer insulin. It leads the body to secrete insulin by itself, so patient doesn’t have to depend on insulin anymore. Currently, we are working on the R&D of drugs that can cure type 1 diabetes completely.